Solutions for packaging, storing, and manufacturing.

From food and drug packaging and storage, to pharmaceutical manufacturing that must adhere to strict guidelines, InduSoft Web Studio has you covered.

Building Automation
Oil & Gas

Industrial Automation Services


Solutions for collection, distribution, chemicals, overflow, lift, remote monitoring, valves, pumps.

From collection to drinking water, InduSoft Web Studio provides local and remote monitoring for attended and unattended operations.


Food & Beverage

Solutions for platform, pipeline, compressor, tank farm, distribution, safety, environmental, fleet management.

 From patch to delivery, InduSoft Web Studio allows access to instant information across the oil and gas enterprise.

Solutions for power output, remote monitoring, charging status, sun angles, automatic maintenance dispatch, angular rotation.

From charging status to position monitoring, Indusoft Web Studio provides optimized tools to interact with residential sites up to community solar stations

Wind Power

Solutions for remote monitoring, shaft vibration, battery status, wind speed, automatic maintenance dispatch, break status, pitch and yaw settings.

From anemometer readings to yaw monitoring, Indusoft Web Studio provides optimized tools to interact with small wind up to the most demanding wind farms.

Solutions for facilities management, HVAC, lighting, security, phone, safety systems, energy management from basement to roof, InduSoft Web Studio provides concise monitoring that consolidates many independent systems viewable anywhere. Check with RS2 for Building Automation solutions.

Building & Industrial Automation

Solutions for accumulating, capping, cartoning, case/tray, material handling, feeding, form/fill/seal, inspecting, PackML and wrapping.

From OEE tools to modular solutions, InduSoft Web Studio provides easy-to-use tools turning data into high yield production.

Water & Wastewater

Solutions for door control, lighting, communication systems, closed circuit TV, retrofit/replacement systems.

 From front door to release, InduSoft Web Studio provides a U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons approved solution.

Detention Systems

Solutions for food manufacturing, packaging, and storing.

From food packaging to recipes and traceability, InduSoft Web Studio has you covered.

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